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My name is Gabriel Jones and I recently went through a sort of wilderness season. Prior to that stripping sojourn I would have led writing an "about me" section by telling you what I did and what roles supported those actions.

I'll still mention them (check out my resumé) because God doesn't want me to bury my talents in the dirt hoping he'll get glory by my ignoring what he's invested in me. However...

I have to lead with identity

so as not to mislead with gifts.

I. AM. A. SON.

Yes indeed! A son of the King, my Father in heaven! When I allowed the Lord to strip everything else away, "son" is the essential reality I found remaining lodged in the bedrock of my life. I desire everything I do to be driven by the truth that He's good and he's taken great pleasure in adopting me.

So, please take a look at the snapshot of my experience in

various fields.

Take a gander at my resumé, my portfolio, my videos, my writings, my typos and please know...I'd LOVE to lead, create and communicate with you for the purpose of equipping others and honoring Jesus.



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